Addressing the Needs of Our PL Audience


One of the most important considerations we can make when developing PL is the specific needs of our audience. What is the background knowledge that our teachers are coming with? What learning style suits them best? How do we foster meaningful conversations between all of our staff? For our PL to be wildly successful, we need to ask ourselves these questions.

What background knowledge do our teachers have about blended learning?

Our educators are as diverse as our students are. Some of our teachers are master technology specialists with backgrounds in digital learning practices. Some of our teachers still use flip phones. Most of our teachers fall somewhere between these two extremes. We need to think about how we can tailor the PL experience for all of these learners.

What learning style suits our learners?

This is an important question, and I think that the answers will vary greatly. That is why I believe that we should incorporate a variety of learning experiences from collaboration to modeling to videos and to articles.

How do we foster meaningful conversations?

I think that as a district, we are doing a fantastic job of this already. I think that we can easily apply what we are already using to this new model of PL. The only addition I suggest we add is an option to communicate with other teachers easily outside of the PL environment.




Author: shawnporter88

I am a teacher in Alvin TX. I firmly believe that technology can be a powerful tool to inspire others if used correctly. I want to make other educators more comfortable with using technology in their classrooms.

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