Professional Learning- Go and Show Model

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I titled this website Shift Education with the idea that we as educators need to look at education from a different perspective. My focus as a teacher in the past has been on the act of teaching. I now have a focus on learning. How do we learn? What motivates us to learn? How can we achieve authentic learning in the classroom? These questions drive me every day.

Shift Education wasn’t just created to look at our students though. I have a fundamental belief that we are missing a fantastic opportunity in our professional learning systems as well. While our current sit and get model of PD is the main system of delivering new content to teachers, I believe that a go and show model has a much greater opportunity of impact.

Please feel free to explore my go and show model of PL for blended learning. I believe that with this blended learning model, we can begin to shift our own education system to better suit the needs of our learners.

Addressing the 5 keys for professional Learning

Alternative Professional Learning Presentation

Blended Learning PL Outline


Fostering Collaboration

PL Leadership

PL Planning

PL Timeline

PL Resources